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Title: How to speed up blogger page
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You have to accept the third party Blogger templates , you can download are a mess. Open XML file , that looks long and ugly spaghetti cod...
You have to accept the third party Blogger templates, you can download are a mess. Open XML file, that looks long and ugly spaghetti code. If you're like me, prefer a clean and friendly (although it was shown only), and you want to correct you.

Most of the code that will not play with the CSS code, however. (The part that styles your entire blog with images and colors) you want to change some terms of size, color, or even in place is not only important, well organized, but it is also true.

More importantly, if you have several lines of code in the template, and increase the time needed to learn to load the browser? Thus, the lines can be 1500 of the code in the form of a blogger, in fact much younger, smaller and faster page load time for visitors. It slows the website, more visitors and intimidation not wait to download.

So a good trick to improve the workforce. I started with the new model will be hosted by eBlog Templates. You want to do the so-called "closed commpressed" in the form of much younger. There are sites that use called CSSDrive offers free Web-based compressor CSS. Everything you may choose, is some basic options such as compression mode and processing the comments and paste it into your CSS. CSS is the code under and .

Make sure to backup your code before this template! Some people do not know how to compact their eyes closed, so it is best to have backup. You can also make mistakes and then copy the mistakes that can destroy the code template. In sum, the type of backup before doing so.

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