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Title: Guaranteed Free $125 Commission Within 24 hours !
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Acme-People-Search is one of the website to find dollars for their members, who provide sign-up bonus $ 125 referral bonus and $ 5 s / d $ 3...
Acme-People-Search is one of the website to find dollars for their members, who provide sign-up bonus $ 125 referral bonus and $ 5 s / d $ 30. By joining fee $ 0 / Free. Well quite. And keep in mind also, this business is still new so still very much an opportunity for us to seek referral / downline.

Acme-People-Search pays its members via paypal, so for those who will register and not have a paypal account, must first create paypal account. To create a paypal account CLICK HERE
Here I will provide how to register at Acme-People-Search for the Step 1:

1. Sign up for Acme People Search click

After you click on the page will appear as shown:

2. Enter:
- E-mail address of your paypal
- Then enter the security code that is available on the box.
- Click "Create My FREE People Search Engine"

3. After you click "Create My FREE People Search Engine" Open your email, on your emails will have an email confirmation from Acme-People-Search. Then you click the confirmation link.

4. You will be taken to a page Acme-People-Search returned, and you must
complete / fill the data on the form:
- "I Agree" his Term of Service,
- Enter your first name in the "My First Name", and your last name in "My Last Name", and the contents of your phone number in the "My Phone Number",
- Enter the code scurity "Enter the security code"

5. Login to Acme-People-Search with your username and password. Username and password on the email that was sent by Acme-People-Search.

6. Complete your data back, you are required to enter the ID Clickbank, HD Publishing ID, and ID MyLife. If you do not already have an account, then you must first create one by clicking on the Sign Up link on each box. Once you sign up on the third affiliate, make sure you confirm by clicking on the link in your email.
A little explanation about the three affiliate user id is:
- User id Clickbank form in accordance with the username you created.
- User id numbers of HD Publishing.
- And MyLife a number that will be provided in your email after registering, or are listed on the member area.

If the time you Sign Up / register at the third among the affiliate is asked to enter credit card number, enter only "any number"

You have completed the tasks of the Acme-People-Search for the Step 1, and now you can promote your affiliate url to get the referral bonusses
Oh yes, to see how your affiliate Url:
- Login to Acme-People-Search
- Find the referral on the page (like the image that I circled in red), then click and your url is under Earn Up to $ 30 Per Referral With These Links.

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