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ASSIGNMENT SEMESTER –TERM PROSE OF HARD TIMES BY. CHARLES DICKENS The Definition of Mimetic Theory Art including literary works such as nove...

The Definition of Mimetic Theory
Art including literary works such as novel, poem etc. gives us not only pleasure but also knowledge and insight to the nature of reality as one example is hard time, the book is a state of the nation novel, which almed to example is hard time, the book is a state of the nation novel, which almed to highlight the social and economic pressures that some people were experiencing. Unlike other such writings at the time, the novel is unusual on that it is not set in London (as was also dickens’s usual want), but in the fictitious Victorian industrial town of coke town. Often claimed to be based on Preston

Considering this fact, a literary theory from Plato which is mimetic theory, will be used as entrance to explore this novel. For the definition of mimetic theory suggested by Plato, he states that mimetic theory orientation the explanation of art as essentially an imitation of aspects of the universe was probably the most primitive aesthetic theory, and mimetic theory of action in like (the nature things).
In hard times theme is one of the most important elements in literary works. The theme of a story is whatever general idea or insight the entire story reveals. Relating back to dickens’s aim to strike the heaviest blowin my power,” he wished to educated readers about the working conditions of some of the factories in the industrial towns of Manchester, and preston, relating t o this also, dickens siched ti expose the assumption that prosperity runs parallel to morality, something which is couelly shattered in this novel, due to his portrayal of the moral monsters, mr. bounderby, and james harthouse, the cynical aristocrats dickens was also campaigning for the imfortance of imagination in life, and not for people life to be reduced to a collection of material facts and statistical analysis. Dickens’s favorable portrayal of the circus, which he describes as cariny so “little for plain fact”, is an example of this.
This theme is developed early on, the bastion of fact the eminently practical Mr. grad grind, and his model school, which teaches nothing but facts. Any imaginative or aesthetic subjects are eraclicated from the curriculum, but analysis, deduction and mathematics are emphasized. Conversely, fancy is the opposite of fact, encompassing, fiction, music, poetry, and novelty shows such as sear’s circus. It is interesting that Mr. Salary is reckoned to be a fool by the fact men, but it is salary who recluses people must be “ambushed” (amused). This is made cognizant by tom’s sybaritic gambling and Louise, who is virtually soulless as a young child, and as a married woman. Blitzer, who has adhered to grad grind’s teach-in as a child, turns out to be an uncompassionate egotist.
Character, Thomas grading is a utilitarian who is the founder of the educational system in coke town.eminentaly practical is gradgrinds recurring description throught the novel, and practicality is somthening he zealously aspires to only apter his daughter’sbreakdown does he come to arealisation that things such as poetry, fiction and other pursuits are not “destructive nonsense”.
The problem of this novel focused on character such as josial bounderby, loisa bounderby nee gradgrind, Cecilia jupe (sissy), Thomas gradgrind junior (rom), Stephen blackpool, bitzer, Mrs. Sparsit, Mrs. Pegier, Mrs. Gradgrind, Mr. Gradgrind and Mr. Bounderby.
Josiah Bounderby is a business associate of Mr. gradgrind the is a bombastic yet thun derous merchant given to lecturing others, and boasting about being a self made man. He employs many of the other central characters of the novel, and his rise to prosperity is show to be an example of social mobility. He marries mr. grandrinds douther lovisa, some 30 years his junior, in what turns out to be a loveless marriage. He is the “bully of humility” as he tells everone that he is a “self made man” and that his mother left him to me looked after by his mother but then, due to mrs. Sparsit’s wrong accusation of thimking that Mrs. Begker was the bank robber, we find that he has been lying. The uses Mrs. Sparsit in order to give him status as she belonged to the “powlers” a very important family in the same way as takes advantage of Mrs. Sparsit expecting people of a lower status to respect her presence.
Louisa Bounderby nee gradgrind (“100”) Louisa is the unemofional, distant and eldest child of the Gradgrind family. She has been taught to abnegate her emotions, and finds it hard to express herself clearly, saying as a child she has “Unmanageable thoughts.” She is marriedto Josiah bounderby, in a very logical and business like manner, representing to emphasis on factuality and business like rathos of her education. Her union is a disaster and she is temted into adultery by james Hartthouse, yet she manages to resist this temptation with help fromSissy.
All her life she has been “gazing into the fire “ “wondering in the first book we find that she wonders not knowig what it is she wondering about Mrs.Gradgrinds death (another victim of the system) says:”there is something wrong “she dies without knowing what it is. It is at the very end of book two after Harthouses love, funcy, everything that until that moment her life had lacked from. She realises how inmature the decision of marrying Bounderby (only because of Tom’s Insistancy).She then goes to complain to her father and all he says is :”I never new you were unhappy my child”.This shows how Louis has made him recognise the existence of fancy. Fancy is transmittecl through a chain,as Harthuose does to Louis and lonisa to Gradgrind. The chain brulas at the end of the novel when Gradgrind tries to pass it onto Bitzer. The reader might feel disappointed with the final solution of Louisa, as she never remarries and does not get a happy ending as Sissy. Dickens does so, in order to archieve a dramatic effect on the audience and to show us his complete rejection of a life based upon “facts”.
Cecilia jupe (“Sissy”) The embodiment of magination,hope and faith. Abandoned by her father,a circus perfomer at sleary’s circus. Gradgrind offers sissy the chance to study at his school and to come and live at stone lodge with the Gradgrind children. Sleary also offers her a plance and tells her she will be treated like one of the family, but sissy following her father wishes of her havig a good education goes to live with Gradgrind.she goes trough “hard times” when she is with the Gradgrind’s at the beginning because she does not understand the difference betweet a life based upon facts and one based upon fancy, like haer’s.When she does notice his,she leaves school in order to look after ill mrs.Gradgrind. she always asks Mr.Gradgrind if a letter from his father arrived.
Due to Sissy high morals and natural warm-heartedness she has a huge influence the Gradgrind family. When mrs.Grdgrind dies she largely takes over the rok of mothering yhe younger Gradgrind children: jane, adam smith and Malthus. She is the biggest reprensentative of fancy in the novel. She offers the contrast between fact and fancy. She finished happy and surrounded by children.
Thomas Gradgrind junior (“tom”) the eldest son and second child of the Gradgrinds. Tom develops as a thoroughly contemptible character. Inizially sullen and bitterly resentful of his

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