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Title: Plagiarism
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The term of plagiarism is familiar for most of students in many countries, especially in our country. Instead, plagiarism practice becomes a...
The term of plagiarism is familiar for most of students in many countries, especially in our country. Instead, plagiarism practice becomes a culture around the students in Indonesia, because almost every year they practice it. There are some definitions about plagiarism. In Oxford dictionary, plagiarize is copy another person’s work, words, ideas, etc and pretend that they are your own. The plagiarism word is come from Latin plagiare “to kidnap” is the practice of claiming, or implying, original authorship or incorporating material from someone else’s written or creative work, in whole or in part, into ones own without adequate acknowledgment. Plagiarism is different from copyright infringement.

While both terms may apply to a particular act, they emphasize different aspects of the transgression. Copyright infringement is a violation of the rights of the copyright holder, which involves the loss of income and artistic control of the material when it is used without the copyright holder’s consent. On the other hand plagiarism is concerned with the unearned increment to the plagiarizing author’s reputation.
Plagiarism is illegal, it is cheating practice, includes, the wrongfully giving, taking or presenting any information or material by a student with the intent of aiding himself/herself or another in any academic work which is considered in any way in the determination of the final grade. But until now, students in many academic works still practice this unacceptable attitude. In this essay I will try to explain my reasons why the students still do plagiarism? There are two factor that caused the student practice plagiarism. The first is internal factor such as, because of student’s habit, lazy to study hard, unsure with their own ability, the academic work is beyond their capabilities and many more. The second factor is external factor can be found within family unit, found around our friends, teachers and social environments.
In internal factor, the student practice plagiarism because of he/she want to get high grade, without compulsion from any people around him/her. People cannot delete their bad habit directly. Some students copying someone’s homework and submit it as their own. They do not know their action become their bad habit, they done it again and again. This is my friend’s experience her name is Susie. She is an active girl, she likes sport very much, and she was member of basketball team. Susie is smart girl, but she was usually copying her classmate’s work, she thought she could cheat in academic work, but not in sport, and her basketball more important than her study. Then, Susie’s classmates become angrily and called her by plagiarist.
The other reason is lazy. Plagiarism includes reproducing someone else’s work, whether it is a paper from a friend or some file, or whatever. Plagiarism also includes the practice of employing or allowing another person to alter or revise the work, which a student submits as his/her own. Students may discuss assignments among themselves or with the teacher, but when the actual work is done, the student must do it alone. If the student refused to done his/her work by him/her, it means he/she is lazy. Plagiarizers who want a good grade have to rework their materials quite a bit. Plagiarizers will not to be busy with homework or test, but as a student he/she want to get a good grade. So, some students think try to plagiarize is best way to get a good grade.
Most of people do not have self confidence, it happens to many students. In fact, the students have their own ability in academic, but they feel unsure and try another way to make sure them. Instead, the students know that they can do the test without plagiarism but they still practice it. This is my own experience when I was in Senior High School. I knew plagiarism is worse, but I practice it in my Biology test. Biology was one of my favorite subjects. I knew I could do it without plagiarism, because I have learnt and prepared myself for the test one day before. But I did not have self-confidence and I tried to make sure myself by plagiarize. In fact, the questions were not so difficult. After the test I felt regret, and than I’m tried to make myself sure about my own ability. I will not practice plagiarism anymore! I hope.
Every people have different ability, for examples when the student clever in English subject, he/she is not clever in Economics subject, and when the other student is clever in Economics subject, maybe he/she is not clever in Biology subjects. All students want to get high grade in all of the subjects. Although they know that Economics or Biology subject are beyond their capability. As a result they do plagiarism.
In external factor, the student do plagiarism because of they get depressed from any people or the environment can be found within the family unit, round of friends, teachers, or social environments. The first is found within family unit, there is dictator of parents; they want they children get a good grade and be a success man. Sometimes, they do not care about their children condition. The children become depressed by taking easy way to get what their parent’s want; they try to plagiarize in their tests. The second is around of friends, when the other students are cleverer than you, you feel jealously and feel envy. You know you can do what your friends do, but you take wrong way, it is plagiarism. The third is around the teachers. In final test, often we found that, the teacher compulsion their students to get high grade, because the teacher have taught the students all the year. The teachers think that their students must fulfill the entire test rightly. The fourth of external factor is social environment. If graduation grade standard is beyond student capability, the students will not sure about their ability, are they will success to pass the examination? It can make some students worry about their destiny. They will try to do plagiarize in their final test.
In conclusion, plagiarism is so difficult to separate from the students. However, all students know that plagiarism is illegal action; they still practice it in the test or assignments. The students practice plagiarizes because of they want to get a good mark, they will do everything to get it. Even the way that they choose is wrong way. In academia world, plagiarism by students is a very serious academic offense which can result in punishments such as a failing grade on the particular
assignment or they may not move to higher class, these are typically at the high school level. And these are typically of punishments at the college or university level; assign a grade of E for the course in which the offense occurred (the minimum penalty), or failing grade for the course.
Finally, my suggestion is, do not care about everything. Plagiarism is a big mistake; it is a form of dishonestly that occurs when a person passes off someone else’s work as his or her own. Plagiarism is easy, but it’s also easy to catch. Whatever that happen you as a good student must avoid it. You must sure about your ability, if you study hard, you will pass the test or assignment easily. Do not care about high grade, or whatever. The point is if you do everything honestly you will get good things.

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